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What is the Burlington Dental Academy?

The Burlington Dental Academy (BDA) is a component society of the Ontario Dental Association comprised of dentists that live and/or practice in Burlington, Ontario. Our mandate is to improve the oral health of local residents by providing dentists with the resources necessary to do so.

The Academy meets several times per year for educational evening meetings and one full day continuing education program. There are many social activities including Pub Night, Golf Day, Ski Day and an evening semi-formal party.

Ontario Dental Association

The Ontario Dental Association is the voluntary professional organization that represents the dentists of Ontario, supports its members, and is dedicated to the provision of exemplary oral health care and promotes the attainment of optimal health for the people of Ontario.

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The Burlington Dental Academy : The Foundation Years

The very interesting story of the Burlington Dental Academy (BDA) does not start, as you might think, in Burlington, Ontario. It starts in the precincts of its much larger neighbour to the west, Hamilton.

At one time, Hamilton was the centre of heavy industry, business and culture at the west end of Lake Ontario and the Royal Connaught Hotel was the only meeting venue worthy of consideration between Niagara Falls and Toronto. It may surprise you to know that the Hamilton Academy of Dentistry (HAD), established in 1869, was Ontario’s first locally organized dental society. In fact, two of its members, Dr. C S. Chittenden and Dr. D. A. Bogart, were instrumental in founding the Ontario Dental Association in 1867.

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