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Membership Fees for the BDA 2023-2024 Session

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As per the RCDSO, all dentists have professional, legal and ethical responsibilities to provide or arrange for dental emergency treatment for their patients. Please note that if you continue you will be asked to select a week or weeks when you can be on call to provide Emergency Dental Service

Burlington Dental Academy
Emergency on Call List for 2023-2024

Dear fellow BDA members,

Enclosed please find this year’s emergency on call rotation list from December 27, 2027, to December 25, 2024.

Financial stipends for Holidays will be paid out after the one-week on call has been fulfilled. Anyone who wishes to change weeks, give away weeks or more importantly take more weeks must notify my office via phone, e-mail or written notification of any changes so the list is current, and the appropriate dentist is accountable, should any discrepancies, neglect or misuse transpire.

I would like to remind all members of their responsibility to treat social service patients (ODSP, Ontario Works, Health Smile Ontario) who belong to BDA dentists and not to turn them away because of method of payment.

The allocation of weeks is based on first come/first served basis, and as in previous years, our office has been diligent in accommodating your wishes.

For the emergency service to be successful it is important that all dentists currently practicing in Burlington who use the service and do not offer emergency services for their patients exclusively should do a least one week on call service per year.

The BDA cell phone number is 905-464-1876. Let the call go to the answering machine so the caller can identify themselves and the nature of the problem. Retrieve messages by entering the access code 4477.

As before dentists on call will email the patient’s dentist with the treatment performed and any radiographs.

**Email addresses are required**

Remember: Only emergency treatment should be performed, and the patient must be instructed to return to his or her own dentist, if they have one.

Please e-mail any changes to on call rotation requests to kmalerba@gardnerdentalgroup.com.

Bruce T. Gardner

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